Tuesday, February 4, 2014

[SPONSORED POST] : Maybank2u Pay

Thinking about starting a blogshop? 
For new blogshop owners, from purchasing stocks, receiving orders, packing the orders, the most complicated part would definitely be figuring out which customers made which the payment. It could get confusing at times and the last thing you want to happen is sending the items to the wrong buyer.

Which is why, Maybank2u Pay will be such a great help! The newly launched Maybank2u Pay is a new payment facility to assist small and home business when conducting transactions online.
Not only for business owners but customers will be able to benefit from this too! Hurrah!

Maybank2u Pay makes online payment so much more convenient and fast. There is no need to go through the lengthy process of transferring the funds and emailing the seller after making the payment.  
As a shopper, I’ve also been through the hassle and Maybank2u Pay is going to make online shopping much easier. No reasons to hold back on shopping now! :)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Hello Shoppers! 
We have finally updated our blog with the Sale Items! 
All items are below RM35
Do take a look & send your orders to bluandblak@live.com
However, we operate on first pay, first serve basis ya.
No reservations & we give priority to the buyer who makes the payment first. 

1. Polka Dot Dress RM35
2. Pleated Shorts RM30
3. Candy Stripes Cardigan RM25
4. Chiffon Maxi Skirt RM30
5. Lace Pleated Dress RM35
6. Louisa Panel Skirt RM30

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Louisa Panel Skirt (RESTOCKED)

Available colours (L to R): Black, Red, Hot Pink, Green, Blue

Click HERE, HERE for more pictures.

Name: Louisa Panel Skirt
Colours: Black // Red // Hot Pink // Green // Blue
Size: S // M
Measurements(Laid Flat):
S - Waist (32cm), Hips (34.5cm), Length (37.5cm)
M - Waist (33cm), Hips (35.5cm), Length (39cm)

 Black (S,M): Available (M) , SOLD OUT (S)
Red (S,M): Available
Hot Pink (M): SOLD OUT
Green (S,M): Available
Blue (M): SOLD OUT

Selling Price: RM 39

Black Back Top




Name: Black Back Top
Colours: Red // Green // Cream
Size: Fits S-M
Measurements (Laid Flat):
Length (53cm- Front) // (67cm- Back), Bust (48cm)

Green // Cream - Available

Selling Price: RM40 

Polkadots Top



Polkadots Top inside out shown with inside lining for both colours

Name: Polkadots Top
Colours: Mustard // White
Size: S
Measurements (Laid Flat):
Length (50cm), Bust (43cm)

White : Available
Mustard : SOLD OUT

Selling Price: RM40

Horizontal Striped Top

Green Pocket

Mustard Pocket

Name: Horizontal Striped Top
Colours: Green // Mustard
Size: Fits S-M
Measurements (Laid Flat):
Length (58cm), Bust (44cm)

Mustard Pocket - SOLD OUT
Green Pocket - Available

Selling Price: RM38

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Vintage Pastel Coloured Earrings

Gorgeous retro earrings in 2 shades.
Its not as big as it looks in the pictures though!
Not too big, not too small. ;)
Goes well with almost anything.
Pair it with a sexy fitting top or wear it with your LBD.

Name : Vintage Pastel Coloured Earrings
Measurement : Length (1.5cm), Width (1cm)
Colours : White // Peach

White : Sold Out
Peach : Available

Selling Price : RM10

The Large Pink Ones

A pair of big pink studs which will compliment your beatiful features.
Wear it with your hair tied up to draw attention to your face. ;)
This are reallu big. Almost 2 times the size of the pastel coloured earrings!

Name: The Large Pink Ones
Measurement : Length (3cm), Width (2cm)
Selling Price : RM10

Vintage Flower Ring

An intricately designed flower ring.
In lovely brass colour.
Non adjustable.

Name : Vintage Flower Ring
Measurement : Length (2cm)
Selling Price : RM12

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